The Band:

Giuseppe Iovino: Guitar
Alessandro Paolini: Drums
Max Gazzoni: Vocals
Michele Nardella: Bass guitar


Long time ago I had a band called Black Roses...

I went through many experiences in life (some of them ended not long ago, such as Chroma and Fire & Water) and in 2000 I joined another band called The "Back Beat". In 2003 Backbeat split up, but Francesco and I decided to carry on with our project. We later met Andrea and Roberto with whom we played a lot of songs. But yet the songs I wrote for my first band remained in my heart and mind. So we decided to rearrange and record those songs.

Then the dream came true... in november 2006 our CD was released.. "The Return of the Black Roses" has been carried out succesfully.

In 2008, after receiving positive reviews, we joined producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and recorded a new album, which contains new meterial and arrangements of the songs included in our previous debut CD.

In March 2009 we signed for LM Records, releasing and distributing the album "Unleashed Dogs", distributed by Masterpiece Distribution.

The album is now available in stores and digital downloads (ITunes, Napster, etc) or it can be ordered by mailing us.

Black Roses Mark I (december 2003 - august 2009), from left to right:
Andrea Lenzi (guitars), Max Gazzoni (vocals), Francesco Paonessa (drums), Roberto Venturi (bass guitar).

In September 2009 Andrea and Roberto left the band, I really thank them for the brilliant work we did together and wish them good luck for the future. They are replaced by my long time friends Alberto and Oscar, two great musicians willing to keep the band alive.

Black Roses Mark II (october 2009 - july 2011):
Alberto Bergonzoni (guitars), Francesco Paonessa (drums), Max Gazzoni (vocals), Oscar Bandiera (bass guitar).

In July 2011 unfortunately our friend Oscar passed away as a result of a serious disease

I decided to continue my work with Black Roses, as Oscar would’ve suggested.

Soon after 3 members of the southern rock band from Bologna Coal Black Horses (Winners of the Thunderlake contest 2011) Danilo Marozzi, Luca Zambrella and Giuseppe Iovino joined in bringing the band to a whole new level, and that’s where the new era of Black Roses begins……..

Black Roses Mark IIIa (september 2011 - april 2013) from left to right:
Giuseppe Iovino (guitar), Max Gazzoni (vocals), Luca Zambrella (bass guitar), Danilo Marozzi (drums).

In April 2013 Danilo left the band and he's been replaced by Luca Martelli who had already played with the band in the past for some dates (such as Thunder Lake in 2011 and many others, and he was member of the rock band Fire & Water with Max, Alby and Oscar).
Luca Martelli plays also with the great italian rock band Litfiba.

Stay Tune and Rock On!!!!!!